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2022 Skin Contact White Field Blend

The Blend - Trebbiano & Greco

The blend of varieties is also quirky! We have used Trebbiano & Greco. These varieties came from vineyards that were hand pruned and managed in a sustainable manner.  

2022 Skin Contact White Field Blend

  • Notes

    • Viticulture

      Both varieties harvested on the same day and blended as one, a true field blend.

    • Notes

      The natural yeasts of the vineyard converted the grape sugars into alcohol, meaning no prescribed inoculation of yeast occurred (this is a naturally fermented wine). In addition, no animal bi-products were use to fine the wine, so it is 100% vegan. After spending thirty days on skins, the wine was racked and bottled. No acid additions were made, just a small amount of sulphur to keep the wine safe from spoilage.

  • Technical

    • Variety

      A field blend of Trebbiano & Greco

    • Alcohol


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