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2022 Skin Contact Pet Nat

The Blend - Zibibbo & Vermentino

Harvested on the same day in March, this wine has gone through sedimentation, this is the effect of the secondary fermentation process that occurs in the bottle. It is harmless and is understood to be an aphrodisiac (that is a rumour to the best of our knowledge). The bead of bubbles are fine and the wine presents in a manner that is to be enjoyed with good friends. 



2022 Skin Contact Pet Nat

  • Notes

    When the wine ferments to compete dryness, meaning all the sugars from the grapes are converted to alcohol, a small addition of unfermented grape juice is added at the time of bottling. This unfermented juice begins and finishes its fermentation process in the bottle, which creates the bubbles/fizz in this wine.

  • Technical

    • Variety

      Zibibbo & Vermentino

    • Alcohol


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