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Key Keg

How does our service work?  We supply wine in a finished format, 750ml bottles or 10, 20 and 30L kegs.  We can assist with label creation and printing or we are happy for you to supply your labels to us (as per our requirements).  Your labelled wine/kegs, are stored in our temperature controlled warehouse until you would like them despatched.  We also supply, at a marginal cost, the applicator to dispense wine from your 10, 20 or 30L keg.

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10l, 20l & 30l
Key Keg...

Your beverages reach consumers all over the world as fresh as the day they were produced. KeyKeg 30, 20 and 10 litre provides maximum shelf life, stable handling, stack ability and custom branding possibilities.

A sustainable solution that allows your beverages to be dispensed almost to the last drop without CO2.

Reduce waste and save precious space

One 20 L KeyKeg replaces almost 27 bottles of wine (a 30 L KeyKeg replaces 40), meaning 16 kg less glass waste and 1.6 kg less cardboard waste. KeyKeg wine Kegs also reduce bottled wine's storage footprint by over 50%. Empty wine Kegs can be crushed to further save precious space too.


Dispense without CO2

Beverages are kept separate from gas with KeyKeg 10 litre. Your customers can dispense almost to the last drop without using any gas, including compressed air. Using CO2, N2 or mixed gas is not necessary.

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